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Mondial Data Capability

Data translation, reporting and analytics are an integral part of business decision-making processes regardless of volume and size of the enterprises - small, medium or large corporations.

In tradition way of doing business, data was only used to store for reporting purposes but in this digital era, data is now actually driving company operations.

Now these days company leadership cannot avoid and defer data adoption strategies while making their corporate and business strategies. Company Executives, Managers, Partners and Small Business Owners have to consider and understand data resources, limitations and capabilities at the same time when they start thinking to expand and improve business opportunities. 

We Enable

Mondial provides product-focused Technology Data Capability services
for private and public sector clients across North America.

SAP Service Authorised Partners for SAP S/4HANA Solutions.

Our company is a partner in the SAP® PartnerEdge® open ecosystem.

Our company is an official member of the Microsoft® Partner Network

This allows us to engage with SAP & Microsoft Teams and deploy products and solutions in a more robust manner.  

Our Service Portfolio

Mondial is committed to providing to each client with exceptional dedicated service,
delivered in a user-friendly and timely manner. 

We Assess. We Enable. 
We understand how long it takes for projects to move through completion.


We Translate

Data Translation
From On-Premise To On-Premise | From On-Premise To Cloud (Data Cleansing, Data Migration & Data Validation) 

We Report

 Data Reporting
SAP List Viewer | SAP Query | SAP BW | Drilldown Reporting | Report Painter | Custom Reports 

We Analyze

Data Analytics

Enterprise Planning | Predictive Planning | Augmented Analytics | Predictive Analytics | Digital Boardroom

Please contact Team Mondial if you have any query, questions or need any
further information about our SAP Continuous Advisory services.